About St. John's Media


Who Am I?

St. John’s Media focuses on providing a solid foundation for the online presences of writers and other artists and the consultation for their branding, strategy, and sales.

With decades of digital marketing experience, SJM is less interested in making a sale and more interested in building ongoing relationships and evolving with a network of clients.


Web Design
21 Years
Professional Writing
18 Years
Digital Marketing
9 Years

What Have I Done?

As a member of the digital marketing team for the USA Today Network, I help with the online presence and sales of small to medium businesses ranging from wedding photographers to nationally recognized agencies. But as a writer, web designer, and musician, I'm dedicated to promoting my fellow artists and providing quality consultative work for their digital advertising. Check out some samples of my work.
Nace Phlaux
Scott H. Shaffer
Web Designer